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Historical and artistic items


The collection of objects conserved by the IRFA is mainly composed of liturgical and religious articles necessary for the daily life of the priests of the Paris Foreign Missions in Asia.


A part more specifically related to priests who died for their faith is exhibited in the Salle des Martyrs, a museum open to the public since 1843.

It also includes gifts, mementos, and everyday objects collected by the Fathers and testifying to their past life in these Asian communities. This collection is currently being inventoried.


The IRFA also holds an important numismatic collection of about 7000 Asian coins, collected by Frs. Maximilien and Henri Arnoulx de Pirey, missionaries in Vietnam at the beginning of the 20th century.


Some of these art objects are available for loan for exhibition.

For any request concerning the objects or their documentary file, please contact us.

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