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Request a document reproduction

The conditions for sending reproductions of documents are detailed in the Rules for public use. All person must first be registered in the IRFA readers’ file. Once your registration has been validated, you will receive a login and password to connect to our site and access its functionalities


1- Request a reproduction for personal research purposes

Request a reproduction for personal research purposes

Requests for reproductions must relate to a limited and precise number of documents (maximum 50 views per 24 month rolling period), as it is forbidden to reproduce a collection in its entirety. The IRFA reserves the right to refuse to reproduce a document that may be made available to the public, in particular in order to limit the department’s workload. The reader undertakes to use these reproductions only for private purposes or for research work, not to transfer them to a third party under any circumstances, and to accompany any reproduction with the words “©Institut de recherche France-Asie” and the document code. For any other use, written permission must be obtained from the management.

Digital reproductions will be invoiced according to current rates.

2- Request  a reproduction for commercial purposes

Request for reproduction for commercial purposes

Commercial use of reproductions of documents belonging to the IRFA is subject to payment of a fee. Reproductions may not be used for purposes other than those declared, subject to legal sanctions. Distribution on social networks or websites is considered public.

Authorization for reproduction by the IRFA does not imply assignment of intellectual and artistic property rights, which are the responsibility of the researcher. The IRFA cannot carry out searches for rights holders on behalf of researchers.

Digital reproductions will be invoiced according to current rates.

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